Photos From 2017 Motorcycle Day at the Dome in Arizona (updated Saturday, Feb. 18th)

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, over 150 motorcyclists from all over Arizona converged on the states house in Phoenix to bring attention to motorcycle rights and the need to re-instate the Motorcycle Safety Fund.

There were approx 150-175 riders in attendance representing something like 20+ clubs and organizations. While the majority of the representatives and senators were unable to attend due to a furious committee schedule, I was able to meet and chat with (and grab a quick photo of) 3 representatives and 2 senators.

  • Representative Randall Friese, (D) District 9
  • Representative Kelly Townsend, (R) District 16
  • Representative Kelli Butler, (D) District 28
  • Senator Sean Bowie (D) District 18
  • Senator Warren Petersen (R) District 12

We greatly appreciate these legislators taking the time to meet with us and we look forward to their support for re-instating the Motorcycle Safety Fund.


The complete list of legislators that checked in or sent their representatives to say hello:

  • Senators
  • Karen Fann
  • Sylvia Allen
  • Steve Farley
  • Steve Smith
  • Sean Bowie
  • Katie Hobbs
  • Kate Brophy-McGee
  • Warren Petersen
  • Representatives
  • Noel Campbell
  • Sally Ann Gonzales
  • David Cook
  • Randal Friese
  • Todd Clodfelter
  • Mitzi Epstein
  • Isela Blanc
  • Kelli Butler
  • David Stringer
  • Marcario Saldate
  • Paul Mosley
  • Bob Thorpe
  • T.J. Shope
  • Kristen Engel
  • Travis Grantham
  • Dan Shooter
  • Kelly Townsend
  • Jeff Weninger
  • Jill Norgaard
  • Phil Lovas
  • Michele Ugenti-Rita
  • Michele Udall
  • Athena Salman
  • Rebecca Rios
  • Maria Syms

If you know of any others that I missed, please let me know in the comments.