2017 MMA Beach Party Photos and Stuff

The 2017 Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona had their 2017 Beach Party at The Roadhouse in Cave Creek and I don’t know ho much money was raised but a whole lot more folks know they exist. The party stated at noon with riders coming form all over . Even those that started out with 22 degree temperatures that made getting the push rods moving VERY difficult.

There is always a great crowd at The Roadhouse but today saw many of the patrons of The Hideaway just down the street doing their pedestrian thing to come and check out the festivities. The People games were great fund to watch and even more fun for the participants. $15 donation got you a pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw and the food at The Roadhouse is really very good so that brought a lot of smiles.

There was a live band and the weather (in Cave Creek) could not have been better.

Check out the PHOTOS here.

And here are 2 short videos shot during the People Games.

The end of the Plank Walk.

The Hula Contest

See you next year!