The following is a list of the Motorcycle Rights Organizations found in our Website Directory. If your organization is not listed, email your organizations name, web site address and a brief description using our Contact Us form.
Kentucky Motorcycle Association / KBA — The KMA is a not for profit independent group of motorcycle enthusiasts who ride different types of motorcycles, but we share a common interest in keeping motorcycling a safe and pleasant sport. We participate in legislative activities, which promote the sport of motorcycling. One of our goals is to keep helmet use a freedom of choice for motorcyclist. We continue to strive towards motorcycle safety, awareness and enforcement of existing anti discrimination laws in the state. In addition, members support local communities throughout the state by organizing toy runs and other events, which benefit local charities. We invite and encourage you to become a member of our organization regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride. In fact, you can become a member even if you do not ride a motorcycle.
Massachusetts Motorcycle Association — The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is a not-for-profit organization of motorcycle drivers, riders and enthusiasts, dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of motorcyclists' rights through appropriate, non-discriminatory legislation and regulation at all levels of government, and through the implementation of safety, insurance, education and public awareness policy and programs for the betterment of all motorcycling within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
United Bikers of Maine — Since 1975, when United Bikers of Maine was founded, this organization has been an advocate protecting the rights of Maine motorcyclists. While fighting anti-motorcycle legislation, UBM promotes and encourages the safe and lawful operation of all motorcycles.