Destination! Destination! Destination!

In the real estate business, it is all about Location. In the motorcycling community, riders will tell you “it’s the journey, not the destination”! But what do you do when it IS about the destination? This time of year, in Arizona, deciding a destination for your weekend getaway ride IS important because in most places it is hotter than blazes!

Many years ago when I lived in Phoenix with all the rest of your poor flat landers, I had 2 very simple rules that guided my weekend getaway rides. If it was winter, I headed south out of Phoenix. If it was summer, I headed north. Where I went depended on the next intersection. The shorter line or the faster turn won. If I had a left turn arrow and the straight light was red, I turned left. This worked great until I got out into the middle of nowhere. Then I had to start thinking about food, gas stops, water stops, etc. So eventually I realized, picking a destination that just happened to have an interesting ride to get there, seemed to work better. And man oh man do I have a great destination for all you riders in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, etc.

How about some Ice Cream? Some ice cream after a 90 minute or 2 hour ride? Some ice cream after riding out of the heat to the cool tall pines of Pine Arizona?

Pine Creek Fudge is ABATE of Arizona’s newest business member (that’s right, these folks support your right to ride) and is located in Pine Arizona, right on Route 87 as you enter from the east. Pine Creek Fudge not only sells delicious, handmade, fudge and gourmet breakfast sandwiches. They also sell Ice Cream with all of your favorite flavors. Need something a little stronger? Then grab a cup of coffee or Espresso or even a Latte, and maybe even a homemade cinnamon bun for after  the ride home (assuming any are left from the morning rush).

Pine Creek Fudge is the love child of Roger and Laura Ferguson and the love shows in everything they make and serve. The spacious parking lot has shade trees for those really hot days and the outdoor porch is fully equipped with shaded tables and chairs. Or you can sit inside and read the Masterlink as you plow through a bowl of pistachio or rocky road ice cream.

What could be better? A gorgeous ride up route 87 into the cool pines followed by a delicious ice cream or fudge snack and a nice rest before heading back home for another week of work and ungodly heat.

So the next time you are trying to decide on a destination for your ride, point your bike north and head to Pine and drop in and say hello to Roger and Laura at Pine Creek Fudge (Visit for hours and directions). And be sure to tell them “Thank you for supporting our right to ride”!