Want some insight into the Waco “Investigations”? This article will piss you off.

Look folks, I am a huge supporter of law enforcement. I’ll be up-front about that right now. My son is a graduate (top of his class) of the NYPD Police Academy and served in New York City for 5 years before moving to New Hampshire where he was a shift supervisor and member of the regional Special Operations Unit (a much more intelligent version of a SWAT team).

BUT … The way the police, prosecutors, investigators and the courts have handled the Waco shootout last May makes me wonder what country the state of Texas thinks they are part of because it certainly is not one governed by the US Constitution they often herald.

Check out this excerpt from the article I link to below and then go read the rest of the article. If this sort of crap doesn’t make you want to stay far FAR away from Texas, then you have to take a long look at your understanding of US Law.

No formal charges have been made, and it remains unclear whose bullets, including police bullets, struck the dead and injured, or when cases will be presented to a grand jury, which is currently led by a Waco police detective.

‘I don’t know of any defense lawyer who hasn’t looked at the facts of this case and gasped,’ said Grant Scheiner, a criminal defense attorney in Houston not connected to the bikers’ case.

This article is from a UK web site, so this is the sort of message about America we are currently exporting. Nice job Waco. You have been making the US and Texas look bad since the day your town was founded.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3232774/Texas-officials-scrutiny-biker-shootout-case.html#ixzz3lpfovG61
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Read the entire article by the Associated Press (13 Sept. 2015) by following their link above.