Ask A Biker feature has been added to Motorcycle Safari

So I know that an awful lot of the people who visit this site have been riding a long time. Some a VERY long time but we won’t tell who you are.

Anyway, there also seem to be a fair number of new riders and I remember starting out way-back-when before I knew many other riders and it was always difficult to get good, reliable information about … well almost everything. So it hit me that this site would be an ideal platform to remedy that situation. Therefore, I bring you ASK A BIKER!

This is a brand new feature (as of 5 minutes ago) for Motorcycle Safari. Now you can ask any motorcycle related question you want. You don’t even have to be a member (not yet anyway … we’ll see ho much spam this generates before making the final decision on that). Anyway, ask your question and hopefully our more experienced and learned visitors will feel pity … er … I mean want to help out and jump in and answer your question.

Feel free to ask about anything motorcycle related. Just find the category that best fits you topic and have at it.

Oh, it also helps to include some “tag” words as that will make it easier for people doing seraches to find your question and answer it.

You do have to join the site to answer, but if you have a Facebook, Google+, Twitter or YouTube account, all you have to do is click a button.

OK! That’s the big news. Have fun y’all!