Motorcycle Day at the Dome 2018 will be May 2nd.

Arizona Bikers Take Note!


10:00AM – 2PM

The purpose of the Motorcycle Day at the Dome (MDATD) is to meet, greet and converse with your District Legislators. You will have the opportunity to discuss various issues facing Motorcyclists today. You can also sit in the gallery as the Legislators are in session.

Representatives from Motorcycle Rights. Organization Members, Motorcycle Clubs (MCs), Independent Riders and Legislators will attend the Annual Motorcycle Day at the Dome

This event is sponsored by ABATE and MMA of Arizona, the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC), VAMR(Billy Larson) and the MMAA.

Please mark your calendars.  “All Bikers Welcome”.

A barricaded area is reserved for bike parking on 17th Ave between Washington and Jefferson, the full length of the Capitol grounds itself.
Any delivery vehicles will have to enter the area from the Washington side.
We have notified TV stations for media coverage.
Your lobbyists cannot do this alone and we are asking for your help to make this another great year with our Legislature.
We are asking that each of you invite as many of your motorcyclist friends as you can to participate in this important event.

WE ARE ASKING ALL MOTORCYCLISTS TO PLEASE CALL or EMAIL your 2 Representatives and 1 Senator and Set-up an appointment with them to meet in their office from 9am-3pm. Or ask them to join you on the House lawn to discuss some key points affecting motorcyclists in Arizona. If you’re not sure who your Legislative person is, you can obtain their name and contact information by going to the following website:

ENTER your ZIPCODE on the left
SCROLL DOWN – to “State Legislative”
CLICK on Their Name for an info page along with their picture and email address
CLICK on “Complete Contact Information” under their picture, for more info and phone
GO BACK two pages and do the same for the other two.

We will have a sheet with the Legislative bills we are running for this year on site and at the Sign-In Table.
For further information on the event, go to the

The Motorcycle Day at the Dome Committee (MDATD)

Sponsored by ABATE, MMA, AZCMC