High Country Chapter ABATE of AZ Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Day

It was a glorious Saturday for an early morning ride to the top of The Rim for the start of Memorial Day weekend and a great opportunity to get out into the public eye to promote motorcycle safety. Members of the High Country Chapter (HCC) of ABATE of AZ turned out bright and early at 8 AM to set-up and start brewing coffee for the weary Memorial Day travelers.

With their new 10×20 ABATE pop-up, and 20 dozen donuts, plus signs on the entry gates proclaiming “TIME FOR A BREAK – Free Coffee at Visitor Center” there was no shortage of takers as the Mogollon Visitor Center is a very popular rest stop for travelers headed north.

The HCC members handed out safety flyers, pencils, bumper stickers proclaiming “Look Twice – Save a Life”, and general information to the motoring public who came by, which was pretty much everyone who pulled into the parking lot. A few coloring books were even handed out as well as just about all of the 20 dozen donuts and almost 150 cups of coffee.

Motorists stopping by were pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of bikers focused on safety and all promised to “look twice” as they left. One family of 6 was celebrating a special 10th birthday. They had so much fun they were there for about an hour. Joe Andrade had brought his side-car motorcycle and volunteered to give the kids a ride around the parking lot which is something I doubt they will ever forget. A few folks even mentioned that they rode and took membership flyers with them.

To say the event was a big hit is an understatement. This was the first year the chapter had tried anything on this scale and we don’t think it will be the last.

More  photos are available here: https://motorcyclesafari.com/photo-albums/Motorcycle-Safety-Day-2017/