Bring Gynni and Coach Back Home to Arizona

Duane “Disco” Tome has set-up a Go Fund Me page for Gynni and Coach’s families so they can return them home to Arizona from Florida.

Even a few dollars would help.



Friends and family,

We lost Gynni Giebel and Dave Pennington (Coach) very unexpectedly and now is the time to come together to help their family with the final expenses. My name is Duane Tone, most know me as Disco.  I am in contact with Gynni and Daves’s children, William Giebel and Nicolas Pennington. All funds raised will be used to bringing Gynni and Coach home, other final expenses and their celebration of life. If extra funds are raised they will be shared between their children.  Please give what you can, donations big and small are needed. I’ll include an update as more details become available. Thank you for your generosity. Please share this fundraiser.