Waco – Call To Action from Dr. Jim, US National Commander Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.)

From: Dr. Jim US National Commander Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.)

To: US Defenders and C.O.I.R. throughout the United States

Subject: Waco

To all our brothers and sisters across the United States that support and defend everyone’s right under the US Constitution. First I want to say that at a time when the rights of citizens across the United States is battered and bruised in the name of protecting us from terrorism that this incident is as devastating to the motorcycling community as the recent ones in Baltimore, Tulsa, or Ferguson.

Our reaction to the Waco incident however has to be organized to apply pressure to government officials through an active campaign of phone calls and letter writing. I have a concern that some of the organizations that seek our support in legislative matters have yet to assist us by Call to Actions from their organization. The US Defenders and C.O.I.R. are working hard but we all need to be a singular voice and we need help from our brothers and sisters from other organizations. 

I would like to say everyone has been looking for a hot topic reason to mobilize and support an important issue. THIS IS THAT ISSUE. If you are also a member of the MMA, MRF, ABATE, or other organization this is a time when you need to demand from your leadership to mobilize your member and support the group of individuals that showed up to a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (TXCOC&I) meeting and became the targets of this egregious violation of their rights.   

Currently there is a US Defenders campaign to bombard the Texas governor with requests to release the people arrested and to request an independent investigation into what really happened. This should be considered a priority but this is also a National issue and requires national oversight which can only be accomplished by contacting your US Congressmen, or US Senators. We all have connections to people in power at the state and national level. This is the time when you should be talking to these people.   

There is a lot of hoopla going around and to tell you the truth it is scaring many individuals into complacency. I took a ride Saturday and did not see one other bike out on the road. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was something else. Whatever the reason is you should continue to do what you love and ride with the wind. Think about what we have all worked to accomplish over years. Don’t let this incident as monumental as it may seem change who you are or how you think or you community activities.

Finally, remember that each of you are a part of the fabric that makes up America. You work hard, pay taxes and vote to give your family a better place to grow. Most of you have served our country to protect our freedom. Now is the time to assert your rights. Take Action

Ed: The above letter from Dr. Jim did not include any contact information, so here is some I got from  “MK” Mary K. Donnay, A.B.A.T.E. of Arizona, Inc State President

  • White House of the Unites States  – Comments: 202-456-1111  Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • TX Governor Greg Abbott – Phone – 512-463-2000
  • TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick – Phone – 512-463-0001 – Comment Line:  512-463-5342

If you DO make contact or take action, please leave us a comment and tell us what you did. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Waco – Call To Action from Dr. Jim, US National Commander Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.)

  1. Woody Phillips

    By the way, I emphasized the fact that most of the bikers being held on $! million dollars bond were there for a political rally, not to cause trouble, and those are the ones that should be released.

  2. Woody Phillips

    Called the White House, The Texas Governor (they are already sick of us calling so keep it up) and the Lt. Governor’s Comment line.

    How about you?

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