Waco Bikers And The Blackstone Ratio

Hey everyone. I received a great email from Bobbi Hartman who is the Legislative Researcher for the Modified Motorcycle Association (MMA) in Arizona. It had some really great information so I asked her for permission to share it with everyone on the site.

—- Bobbi’s Email —-

I know you have all heard me and others talk about Double D, Outsiders MC from Washington state. Double D is the Chair and Spokesperson of the Washington State Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders, The Motorcycle Profiling Project, and also works with the Confederation of Clubs, as a member of the NCOM LTF, and US Defenders at the national level.

The article below, written by Double D, explains how and why what happened in Waco violates the Blackstone Ratio of ‘innocence / guilty’.  GO TO http://www.motorcycleprofilingproject.com  and CLICK on ‘NEWS’ to read other articles he’s written.

The Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP), which we talked about in depth at the NCOM LTF seminar and our pre-board meeting in Denver last month, came about as it became clear that Double D could not just ‘tell/explain’ to other states how to run Profile legislation in their states.  The MPP is designed to help each state through every step involved in the process from beginning to end.  This includes the construction of a ‘state-specific Pattern of Evidence’.  Various states introduced profiling legislation this last year, most using language as close to and as strong as Washington state passed a few years ago.  However, other states did not.

With the Goal being to eventually introduce Profiling legislation at the Federal level, Double D explained how it is crucial that ALL states introduce/pass the same and strongest language they can.  If not, he reminded us that Congress would take the ‘weakest’ example and go from there, when the time comes, hence the Motorcycle Profiling Project run by Double D.



Here is the link to the specific article she mentioned: Waco Bikers And The Blackstone Ratio


And here is a link to another very pertinent article that I highly recommend.  Why All Americans Should Be Concerned About Waco

Thanks Bobbi, keep up the great work.