NPR’s All Things Considered considers WACO

On the Tuesday, July, 7 2015 edition of All Things Considered, the program spent a few minutes discussing the events in Waco Texas in May.

Click the title to listen to the audio broadcast (6:51 in length) Texas Bikers Arrested After Waco Shootout Say They Are Innocent 

Why is this story important? I think a quote by Walt Weaver, who is interviewed in the story says it best.


“This is Texas,” Walt says. “This is a good Republican red state. They don’t violate people’s rights here. Take that to Chicago, New York, not here.”

Walt is sort of correct. You might think that Texas, with its strong conservative culture is the last place they would just throw out the US Constitution and do what they want. But you would be wrong to think that. They ONLY way to make sure this trampling of rights never happens again (as is the case eveyrytime it happens anywhere) is to raise hell about it. Call your elected representatives and give them an earful. Write blog posts. Comment on blog posts. Talk to everyone that will listen and explain WHY this is wrong and WHY they need to care. Or … it may happen to you.

The full NPR story can be found here: