Motorcycle Safari Live Blogging the AZ Rat Pack Alien Abduction Tour : UPDATED

UPDATE: So live blogging this event turned out to either impossible or not practical depending on where we were and what speed we were traveling. However our Universal Biker had an awesome time traveling 1,242 miles with a great group of riders. Expect a full report by the Monday evening.

Motorcycle Safari’s Universal Biker will be joining in on the fun during this year’s AZ Rat Pack Alien Abduction Tour.

When not actually riding, we will broadcasting live audio (when the alien’s let us .. things don’t always work in Area 51) as well as posting pictures and descriptions of the ride. It isn’t too late to join i, just too late to get hotel discounts. But the weather looks about perfect and it should be an awesome time.

The ride is from 8:30 am at Go AZ Motorcycles 15500 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 on Friday, Apr. 21 to Sunday, April 23 sometime around 3 pm. Hot spots we will be visiting include, Tuba City AZ (lunch), Page AZ (overnight), Rachel NV (Area 51 – lunch), Las Vegas NV (overnight + mayhem), Chloride, AZ (breakfast – maybe) then home (or Scottsdale).

For more information, check out: or for really detailed information:

Here is a copy of the agenda that we hope to update as the ride progresses:

Ride Chair: El Chino Loco
Sweep: Allen Kelley

Join us as we return to Area 51, one of the most mysterious places in the United States with a stop for lunch at the Little Ali-Inn an out of this world stop for lunch along the ExtraTerrestrial Highway. Make sure to join us for the Alien Abduction Meet & Greet the night before we leave.

The difficulty level of this ride is INTERMEDIATE. This ride will have a moderate but entertaining sport touring pace with roads providing some challenge. Be prepared for possibly cool temperatures early in the day and hotter temperatures in the afternoon. This will be a great ride for beginner/intermediate touring riders as well as cruisers and people riding two-up.

Email for a GPX file for your Garmin GPS
Roughly 1,077 miles total.

Day 1
We will be leaving from GO AZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale. We will head toward Page, Arizona where we will overnight at the Lake Powell Resort and Marina. We will pass through Tuba City and enjoy a Navajo lunch at the Hogan Family Restaurant. Upon arrival in Page a variety of activities will be available, Antelope Valley Tours (beautiful Rainbow Canyon) visit the famous Horseshoe – best at Sunset, dam tours or just relax with a view of Lake Powell. We will gather peoples interests as we get closer to the ride. (Bring walking shoes if space allows). Dinner will be at the resort with a view of Lake Powell.

Lake Powell Resort
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
100 Lakeshore Drive
Page, AZ 86040
Special Rate: $128.09 includes Fees and Taxes
How to Reserve: Call (800)341-8934
Rate guaranteed rate until 3/21/17
Use Code: ArizonaRATPack Motorcycle Club
Guest may cancel up to 72hrs before checkin date without penalty

Location is on a National Park. There will be a fee, NPS parks pass should be valid. 1-7 Day Individual Permit – $12 per person – Admits one individual when entering on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle. Not to exceed $25 vehicle fee. Individuals 15 years of age and younger are admitted free.
306 miles.

Day 2
We will leave the hotel fed and fueled at 8:00 AM and head towards Area 51. We will make our way to NV SR 375, the Extra Terrestrial Highway stopping at the Little A’ Le ‘Inn in Rachel, NV for lunch. After lunch there is an option to head to the local gate at Area 51. The gate is on a dirt road. For those not wanting to ride the road you can continue onto the nights stop in Las Vegas where we will all meet for a fun dinner. Depending on arrival time, some activities maybe available in Las Vegas. We will overnight at the Hooters Hotel and Casino on the south strip of Las Vegas. A dinner location will be announced during the ride.

Hooters Hotel
115 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(866) LV-HOOTS
Rate: $125 Single or Double + Taxes
How to Reserve: Call 1-800-522-7366 guaranteed rate until 3/27/2017
Code: AZRATPack or 702-739-900 and use AZRATPack or 1538660 or and use code 1538660
503 miles.

Day 3
Enjoy Las Vegas before heading home. Those heading home to the Phoenix have the option to stop in Chloride, AZ for breakfast.
268 miles.

Details, maps and weather: